30 challenges

The idea of doing 30 day goals was inspired by google SEO master Matt Cutts. He would do 30 day challenges each month and i found that rather interesting. I am not really trying to follow his process but he was the original inspiration.

Each week i pick a new thing to do or change or stop or something else of this nature. It is either a small thing that i want to start making a habit, something i want to experiment with or something i want to do or work on for 30 days. This itself is an experiment and I will see how it goes. I think of as a way to set some small goals for myself. I am not worried about failing because i can always start a new one next week.

here are the projects i am currently working on.

aug 1       8-8 fast
aug 8       probiotics every day
aug 15     throw something away / declutter
aug 22     write about eCommerce
aug 29     no gum
sep 5        detox colon cleanse pills (putting this on pause)
sep 12      start 10 ideas from James Altetur (daily workout for the creative mind)
sep 19      30 ethics “this i believe”
sep 26      keto mournings (cyclical ketogenic)   –   also doing probiotic for 30 days.
oct 3         stop eating at 80% full.