These are a few projects I have worked on for fun in my spare time without the intent of making a business out of them. They are all products I wanted for myself. I still use some of them but they are far from perfect.

Drop Geo:
DropGeo is the easiest way to save your single point location data. You can save your current location with one click. You can also add notes or a photo of each location. You can share your current or past saved locations and photos at any time over email, text or social networks such as Facebook. People can easily find the location you are sending or posting by following the link to Google maps. Here they can get directions to your location or view other relevant information in Google maps.


Set Drop: (not currently working)
Setdrop is a website designed to let people save, share and view sets of websites on one page or tab within a web browser. It is designed to make sharing, saving andscreen-shot-2016-10-09-at-10-25-30-am interacting with groups of websites as easy as possible. To create a set, you simply paste the web address of each website into the form and press “Make a Set.” Then, like magic, a new page will be created combining all of your websites onto one page. The set will have its own web address which you can use for sharing or bookmark to return to at another time.
screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-10-30-05-am gives a meal to a child every time you shop online. Just go to the site, click the Amazon logo and every item you buy pays for a meal for a child in India at no additional cost to the shopper. It works by using the Amazon affiliate program and the fact that meals can be very inexpensive, yet much needed in many parts of the world.