Design Principle: Speak the users and systems language 

In order to communicate effectively you have to speak the language of the person you are talking to and the language of the system you are using.

Language of the User:
If you sell garbage cans and the user calls them “garbage cans” but you call it “waste receptacles” you are not speaking the users language. This can happen when the consumer refers to things differently than the industry does. This can also happen when the designer is in a different age group, culture or demographic from the user. Always make sure you are using the language that the user is accustom to or you will not be providing a great experience.

Language of the System:
If you have a home page button you could call it “start”, “home base”, “first”, “begin” or anything else you will probably cause some confusion. Most people are familiar with the term “home”, not because it is intrinsically better but because it has become the standard tern for starting point on a website.

We can always think of exceptions to this principle but in general it is best to speak the language of the user you are designing for and the system you are designing in.

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