– site review

I am looking for some packing tape on staples and starting my search here. first thing i notice is:

1. extremely large search bar.
2. nothing special in the search results

The page that is clicked on (packing tape) has products with popular on top.
1. very detailed product detail page. one of the best product detail pages i have seen.
overall a great site (much improved over past designs)

2. they clearly eliminate any worry by adding this on the checkout page

1.after adding to cart the site has a light box that shows other products. that is fine but they stand out more than the product i ordered. this is fine but i would like the product i added to stand out more and not take that extra second to questions if i accidentally ordered some other products. overall that is not that bad.
2. I am not a huge fan of the logo in the center but it is fine in this design


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