ecommerce – category list pages

– list of products or sub categories in a category

– top selling items in that category clearly marked

– help finding or choosing the right info for you such as text, downloads, videos …

category page main goals 

make it easy for people to discover and/or find what they are looking or.

give people some information about the products

let people filter products to drill down to find what they need

possibly provide instructions or info in making product choice

product list pages are pages that have a list of products (often name, photo, price and possible other information) and you can view more info about the product before adding to cart or add to cart right from page. These pages are often accessed by navigating the main menu on the site or a search on the site or off such as a link from google. These page are great for discovery, learning a bit about the product options, comparing prices and styles and just generally seeing what the store has to offer.

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