ecommerce in the future.

e-commerce in the future.
Commerce changes from new tech and new systems.
New tech involves things that can only happen because of new technology
Boats allow trade.
But so do people setting up trade routes. A better more efficient trade route can improve even if tech does not get better.
In commerce we have a combination of new technology
And systems. Social networks are great systems.  In fact any marketplace or way of connections multiple people are systems that are useful with or without new technology.
So both new systems and new technology can help remove frictions or change commerce.
Trends and brands and general attitudes change as well. That is not the type of things I am looking at here. A business can be innovative in these ways or just do a great job of meeting these needs.
I am looking for more utilitarian changes. Craigslist is utilitarian, face book is utilitarian, google is, Amazon is and so on.  That is companies to guess Jeans or Kim kardation or fad diets.  Great business can be made on these but it is not what I am looking at here. I am interested in better systems and what new technology can do.
New technology:
Vr ar
New sensors
Internet of things
3D printing
Amazon is doing drones and walking out of store with goods. And push button. And image scan. Voice
New systems could include:
– better curation
– better matching
– eliminating marketplace fees.
– more Meta data available.

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