product detail page

6. product detail page

product detail

1 – clear price

2 – clear call to action (add to cart)

3 – info to make a decision on the product

4 name of product / brand of product

5 image

6- related or other products people may be interested in 7. reviews

8. social cues

main goals:

– make sure people have all of the info they need to make a decisions – people know price

people get to product detail pages in a number of ways. From the home page, from a category list page, from a related product page, from google text or MPN text ad, Google Shopping ad, link from Amazon, Facebook, email to name a few. Because of this the site page must inform the user about the sites, have i or a friend shopped here before, is it trust worthy, is this the product i want, is the price right, when is it delivered, can i make a deceptions based on the info here, what if i have a problem, a return, do they have other products i may want? what do other say about this,

1. clear price

by the time a person has made it to the product detail page it is a

2. clear call to action

make it as easy for a person to take a next step. ideally this is:

– add to cart but it could also be

– add to Wishlist or

– email to a friend.

– find other products that are similar or complimentary

Once a person has decided if product is right for them we want to make it as easy as possible to take the next step.

3. Info to make a decision on the product

This can be anything from price, images, specs, deliverability, reviews or anything else to help you know if this item is right for you. Will this fit, is it good quality, is it exactly what i am looking for.

3.5 is this the place to get the product

once you have decided this product is for you, you must decide if the specific store and offer is for you. Shipping speed, returns, easy to order, price and so on.

4. name of product / brand of product

This is almost a no brainer but a clearly something that has to be visible. The important or hierarchy on the page will depend on the type of product and customer but in general should be easy to find.

5. image

part of what it takes to make a decisions but gets its own sections as it is probably the most important in this area (depending on the type of product)

6. related or other products people may be interested in.

this is great fro product discovery. People may not see the exact product they want but displaying other options, prices or styles of a similar product or set of products is great for the user. This is especially useful if the person entered the site from a PLA

7. reviews

reviews are a great place to get honest feedback and social proof. If it is popular it is a great mental shortcut that it is worth getting or at least we will not be the only sucker.

8. social cues

just like reviews, social cues such as top seller, or a recommendation from a friend or trusted source can help us make a decision.

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