companies profiles – impacted the e-commerce transformation

companies profiles – impacted the e-commerce transformation
Amazon (Easy)
obviously amazon is the dominant player in commerce, at least in the USA and many other parts of the world. They continue to innovate in so many areas and have a very customer focused attitude.

Apple (Shop anywhere)
Apple may be one of the larger commerce sites in the world but that is not why they are on this list. The technology that they control has an impact not only on how commerce companies but also  …

eBay (discover unique deals)
eBay is interesting because they let anyone sell anything (almost) with a low barrier of entry. Traditionally an action site for used or one of a kind good now more people buy new products at a buy now price. Users still expect a great deal

Google (discover stores, prodcus, low price)
Google is where many people start doing their shopping or product research.

Aibaba (globalization)
Alibaba and its sister sites have done a lot to eliminate the frictions involved in international trade.

Rakuten (empower the individual)
Rakuten is a japanese company that is really interested in empowering the consumer and building a loyal store inside a store

Wish (discover products)
wish is great for discovering inexpensive products that you did not know you wanted. shoes that light up. a backpack for 2 dollars. Wish brings cheap international goods to american with an easy scrolling interface. They have a search bar but this is not how people generally navigate the site.

Jet (match cost to price)
Jet does a great job of understanding the real price of a transaction and uses interesting incentives to match buyer and seller.
Zappos – (great customer service)
Zappos is know for customer service and easy returns. They have eliminated many of the anxieties in regards to shopping online.
Craigslist – (low barrier of entery for sellers)
Craigslists low barrier of entery (free) alows new types of transsactions that would not otherwise take place.

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