e-commerce books – 1 idea

6. e-commerce books

– Iot amazon

– 4th transformation
– inevitable
– why we buy
– buyoligy
– word of mouse
– Location is still everything
– the mobile shift
– Demand: Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It no such thing as an average customer.

word of mouse –
our brick and mortar shopping habits are influenced by the internet.
– instant reviews. – find the best prices or price matching – do research in advance or at store

Boost ecommerce sales
– size charts
– add a phone number increases people do not feel good about shopping online

Location is still everything
– even with the internet experience the same for all the need varies by geo
– what we search for / shop for  and so on are very impacted by locations
internet may be basically  the same everywhere but what we do with it is impacted

Pre suasion
– the situation you are in influences how you are persuaded
“the things we do first persuade our audience” it alters there associations with what we do or say next .. (framing??)
– lot more notes for this one

– others people behavior has an enormous impact on our behavior

amazon IoT
– not tech chain key tech for IoT
internet, processing connectivity, sensors, analytics, machine learning. each of these are improving.
IoT is only useful if you are solving customer problems
– customer trust, not profit is what leaders at amazon are told to obsess over (my guess it is still profit but threw the customers service leans)
– enable customers any time, any day.
– data uses data
– OPT (other peoples tasks)  what can others do – mechanical turk (marketplace for work that requires human intelligence)
– IoT – robots drone – this is real – 15 leading coutyies will loose 5.1 million jobs to AI and automation.
robots good at simple reputable tasks and low dexterity – humans at creative and can adapt at will for the process or product – co-bots robots that work coldbertly with humans
3 hrs 6 min remain : thought customers would want store fronts (once lanched they found out customers wanted to shop by category.
(a lot more great book marks ……) this book will be one that i do a bigger review on
Products are only useful if the solve a problem for a person.
The IoT will provide us with different types of communications between devices but you always must start with the customer in mind. What do they want, not what can this new technology do?
What are some new innovations that are interesting but seldom used because no one used them?

– what assumptions about workers do people make that is no longer true?
– barrier over entry to some things are changing
– moving at moors law pace
– power shifted from companies to consumer bad product reviews trump cleaver marketing  – great products win
– similarly individuals and small teams can have enormous impacts (in google — big companies)
– business can make a profit giving things for free in order to make money in the areras
– we can one to one everything

How to Grow When Markets Don’t
sell your customers new things

– unrivaled customer service
– repeat customers and word-of-mouth be their true form of marketing
the cost of unparalleled customer service can be paid back with LTV from repeat customers and word of mouth referrals.

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