elements, UX and models???

store models

7. do good / feel good
depending on your target market adding a store or products with a purpose can be interesting

12. lifestyle type products / utilitarian type products

14. innovative ways to shop

15. innovative delivery ideas

great experience
1. interesting ways to discover / what your are looking for or other things you may want
2. reviews
4. easy to order / easy payment
8. answer the questions when they need
Answer the questions when they have it.
– 1. Am I on a trust worthy site / trust worthy seller
– 2.  will they have the product i want
– 3. how do i find it?
– 4. is this the product i want
– 5.

9. singularly  focused pages
each page on your website should have one main goal. even if you are on a page without “one main goal” your goal is to help them answere the next questions or find what they are looking for.

2.5 info on product / reviews
reviews can also give a bit more information about the that a description can never give. use case, other alternative items,  point out the negatives

13. comparisons
– help people make a decision. features / benefits  of this one compared to that one

conversion optimisation
2. social proof / reviews
social proof can be used on a website to encourage the customer you are a legit and safe website as well as inform them about the product quality, features and use cases

10. deal / anchor points

11. eliminate “online fears”
we have a lot of fears shopping on line. Payment, delivery, the right product ….

3. scarcity:
this can act as an inventive to get people to buy now and may tell people it is a popular product.

5. easy to find accessories / ad ons
every item a person buys gives you one more clue about what else they could be intersted in and now is the time to sell it to them.

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