1. templates (specifically header and footer)


– logo

– search

– contact info

– shopping cart indicator

– product category navigation – site wide promos

– site navigation

– trust signals


– contact info

– more site wide links

– site wide badgers or trust signals

– recently viewed items

– call to action (sign up for email / social media)

header footer template goals:

– Provide constancy to the web experience from page to page

– Provide constancy to the web experiance from other sites to you site

– Always provide a way back home, to search,site map in larger category view in the footer. (can we put all brands and categories on a page) some people may prefer looking that way. Especially repeat customers.

– Give people an little bit of an idea of what the site is about

– Provide high level navigation search and access to contact info.

a footer says who you are – what can you do here – this is how you get around – we can answer any questions (look here or contact us)

As with most areas in design it should have everything there person expects and give it to them in a delightful way.

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