elements, UX and models??? – V@

elements, UX and models???

store models

1. Do Good / Feel Good
Stores such as Toms (gives a shoe for every show you purchase)
Honest company (safe products for my family)

3. innovative ways to shop
social networks (buy buttons),
scan a product (google),
text message ,
physical button (amazon)

4. innovative delivery ideas
order online and pick up in store (walmart),
same day delivery (grainger),
drone (7-11)

5. innovative ways of forming connections
global (alibaba)
local (craigslist)

great experience:
things that help make a site great for a user

1. Discovery:
interesting ways to discover / what your are looking for or other things you may want

2. Information:
useful product information such as reviews, videos, demos, comparisons

3. Easy Website Flow:
answer the questions when they need / clear and focused pages

4. Easy Payment:
easy to order / easy payment

conversion optimisation:
things that make a user more likely to convert

1. social proof / reviews
social proof can be used on a website to encourage the customer you are a legit and safe website as well as inform them about the product quality, features and use cases

2. clear deal / anchor points
list price, on sale, 25% off are examples of showing the product is a deal or giving a reference to what the price generally is

3. eliminate “online fears”
we have a lot of fears shopping on line. Payment, delivery, the right product ….

4. scarcity:
this can act as an incentives to get people to buy now and may tell people it is a popular product.

5. easy to find accessories / ad ons
every item a person buys gives you one more clue about what else they could be interested in. Make sure to use this informations to help them buy more or come back again to  make additional purchases

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